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Marcus Richardson
Marcus RichardsonOwner / Executive Producer / Editor / Animator
Marcus Richardson has been gifted computer graphics animator and CG artist for nearly 20 years. In that time Marcus has created some of the most fascinating visual designs on the planet. He’s an expert at 3D modeling, computer animation, motion graphics, video editing, web content and design. He’s worked for major corporations including Good Morning America, EPSN, The Winter X Games, URS Corporation, and Altitude Sports, to name a few.

Marcus also possesses experience in directing and producing television and web-based advertising campaigns in both national and local markets. He’s produced and directed a wealth of quality video materials including reality television shows, advertising, and Hollywood movie sizzle reels.

Although Marcus is well-versed in digital media production, his talents don’t stop at the visual arena. As a classically trained pianist, Marcus Richardson parlayed this gift to become a talented DJ and electronic music producer. This musical experience has helped him find the best soundtracks to accompany his amazing video.

4K Video Editing 98%
Motion Graphics 95%
Computer Animation 90%
WordPress 96%
David Levy
David LevyLine Producer / Developer
Diversity, commitment, determination, quality, efficiency, focus. These are the values in attitude and work ethic I look for in colleagues. These are the type of people I do my best to surround myself with. And I dare say that we are the type of people that make great things happen
Line Producer 95%
Javascript 95%

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