Project Description

ICON Digital Networks has developed a whole new and innovative way for an ICO to launch, securing the Digital Asset and its investors of the future.


  • Out of Home Advertising: LED Screens currently have 99% of the out of home advertising market while Digital Displays are in 1% of the world market representing $ 42 Billion Dollars per year with a steady increase in out of home advertising for the last 10 years. ICON has secured a small portion of this under ICON Digital Networks with $150 Million in Commitments and $50 Million Contracted.
  • ICON has secured Dozens of A-List Artist that will Tour with ICON and have secured venues with a minimum of 50,000 seat arenas, and an average of $100 per Ticket generating $5 million per day in Ticket Sales not to mention revenues negotiated from Merchandising, and Sponsorships.
  • ICON can host New Olympic Games which have been approved by the National Olympic Committee. 206 Countries Olympic Committees have also approved the games. With the first ever Olympic Beach Games starting in Q4 of 2019. These Olympics will be hosted every 2 years and the 2nd official Olympic beach games is scheduled for 2021 which will be held in China. Many other countries are competing to host the 3rd Olympic Beach Games to begin in 2023.