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Let’s face it, life can be pretty tough on our eyes these days. 

We make them work hard.... 

And we all know that we make our eyes have to put up with, a lot..

But the last thing dry, overworked eyes need is an eye drop loaded with harsh chemicals or preservatives.

Did you know that most of the big eye brand eye drops today are loaded with junk. Why do they make eye drops with junk? Because it's cheaper, and easier.. But are you cheap and easy? I think not. 

At Rain, we care about what goes into your eyes. 

All of our eye drops come in easy to use vials made using a unique Blow-Fill-Seal process, so we can keep Rain 100% sterile and fresh without any preservatives or harsh chemicals. 

We also worked with leaders in the eye care space to bring you a super simple and clean formula that is safe for daily use on all types of dry eye. 

 What’s Big Pharma putting in your eye drops? How does “potassium chloride” or blood constrictors like “tetrahydrozoline hydrochloride” sound going directly into your freaking EYEBALL, everyday?

How bad are some of these chemicals? Well, let’s see. The potential side effects of accidentally ingesting some of these ingredients include.. DEATH. Sounds legit.
SHOTS: Nooo!! 

Ditch these junk drops and feel the difference today with RAIN - 100% preservative free drops that keep dry eyes healthy, refreshed, and comfortable without any of the bad stuff. 

Oh yea, it’ll work. We started RAIN right here in Las Vegas, the dry eye capital of America. All of our drops are designed for severe dry eye relief, and we’ve already helped thousands of people just like you take back their eye comfort with our preservative free drops, eye vitamin gummies, and other vision health goods at RAIN.

But don’t take my word for it (even though I am wearing a lab coat) -- here’s what our actual customers are saying: 

-“I had lasik years ago and every morning my eyes are dry. I now use Rain every morning and take the eye gummies daily. It made the biggest difference in my eye health and the way my eyes feel!” Annie

-Karen wrote “You guys rock and I am really enjoying my RAIN eyedrops -- Feels amazing!!!! Unlike any of the other 6 different dry eye drops I have tried, and a fraction of the cost of Restasis!!!
-Bob says “I received my Rain drops yesterday. The first drop in each eye I could not believe how quick and comfortable my eyes felt!”

And since all RAIN eye drops use our clean, preservative free formula, you can use as much of it as you like, as often as you need to keep those beautiful eyes of yours looking and feeling great. 

So it's time to make it Rain! Yeea  <slow>

Oh - Rain is only available online, and we ship directly to your door with free rush shipping, so you can save time and money by avoiding lines and those retail markups.

Results are also guaranteed. So stop wandering through the dry eye desert like Rafiki here and take back your eye comfort today at